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2022 Tournaments

Raquette River: Register —->

Boundaries: Raquette River from (Southern) Axtons Landing traveling (North) to the Setting Pole dam; to include, Raquette Pond, Simon Pond, & Tupper Lake.  

You may not carry past any impassable barrier. 

Online Safety Brief: TBD

In-person brief: 6:00am (optional) @ The Crusher

Lines in: June 25th  6:30 am 

Lines out: June 25th  2:30pm (Last Submission)

Awards: 3pm The Crusher ( Raquette River DEC launch).

$35 entry fee ($23 goes in the pot, $12 fees)

St. REGIS: Register —->

Lines in: AUGUST 7th  6:30 am 

Lines out: AUGUST 7th 2:30pm

$35 entry fee ($23 goes in the pot, $12 fees)

Saranac River: Register —->

Boundaries: The Saranac River, from the dam (police station) in Saranac Lake to the Imperial Mills Dam in Plattsburgh; including Franklin Falls, Union Falls and other smaller tributaries. 

Online safety brief: TBD

In Person Brief: 6:00 am Pine st bridge, Saranac Lake. (Optional)

Lines in: September 4th  6:30 am 

Lines out: September 4th 2:30pm

Awards: 3:30pm @ Woods & Waters, Saranac Lake

You may not carry past any impassable barriers. PLEASE USE CAUTION NEAR RAPIDS. CHECK A MAP, TAKE A BUDDY!


Upper/Lower Saranac Lake: Register—->

Boundaries:  Upper-Middle-Lower Saranac Lakes including;

First & Second pond, Kiwassa Lake, Lake Flower, Oseetah Lake, Fish Creek Ponds.

You may not carry past an impassable barrier; however, You may utilize the lock systems to transfer between eligible waters.


Online Captains Meeting:  Facebook  TBA

First Launch: 06:00AM

Lines in: 06:30AM

Last Cast: 2:30PM

Last Submission: 2:30 PM

Award Ceremony: 3:30 PM

$35 entry fee ($23 goes in the pot, $12 fees)

Tupper Lake: Register —->

Boundaries: Tupper Lake, Raquette River from (Southern) Axtons Landing traveling (North) to the Setting Pole dam including Raquette Pond, & Simon Pond.

TEAM EVENT!! Choose your own partner, both bags combine for a 10 fish total. Biggest team bag wins! 

Online Safety Brief: TBD

In-person brief: 6:00 am “The Crusher” Raquette River Launch on RT 3

Lines in: September 17th 6:30 am 

Lines out: September 17th  2:30pm

Awards: 3:30pm “The Crusher”

$35 entry fee ($23 goes in the pot, $12 fees)

General Rules:

This is a Kayak or Canoe Bass Fishing tournament.  If two people compete from the same canoe; both must be registered. 

Measured in length, catch & submit FIVE (5) Smallmouth or Larhemouth Bass from tournament waters.  The greatest combined length WINS!  


MEASURING: Hawg Trough, Ketch board, or Rapala magnum rulers are the only approved measuring boards.  Unless pre-approved by tournament director. Please do your best! We will do our best to credit anglers and maintain integrity. 

Remember we ROUND DOWN to the nearest ¼ inch.

 -The lure must be out of the fishes mouth when measuring so as to not obstruct accurate measurement. Failure to do so will result in a denied submission.

-The Identifier Code that is given to you BY YOUR DIRECTOR must be visible in every single submission. You can write it on a card, paper or even write it big and clear on your hand! Keep in mind the card with the identifier on it may never be on or touching the fish. The submission will not count!!!

 -Measure the Fish CORRECTLY: EVERY submission must be the following: 

 -The MOUTH must be facing LEFT in the picture to the judges view, Mouth COMPLETELY CLOSED and touching the bump fence! If you hold the fish firmly snug it up against the bump fence, the mouth will close.

 -DEDUCTION of .25  inch, if the mouth is open even slightly!

-The TAIL to the RIGHT (NO tail pinching in the picture) it will be denied!!!

-Dorsal fin UP

-Only one hand is allowed in the picture BUT may NEVER be placed inside the gill of the fish or touching the face. These will Result in a Denied Catch!!

*******TAIL PINCHING IS NOT ALLOWED in the submitted pic, however you can pinch the tail prior to taking the picture.


Tie breakers will be determined by the largest fish in order 1,2,3,4,5.  If an additional tie breaker is required, it will be determined by the earliest time stamp submission of the largest fish from each angler. 

All photo submissions must be entered prior to the end of the tournament. Late submissions will be denied.  


Prizes for the tournament are based on how many anglers we have participating.  

***The Biggest single bag will win a Custom Battle Fish Champion rod!!!!***

1-10 people - 1st place payout (100%)

11-15 people - 1st & 2nd place payout (80/20)

16-25 people - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place payout (75/15/10)

26 - 49 people - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place payout (73/13/8/6)

50+ - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th place payout (70/11/8/6/5)

Sponsorship Prizes will be awarded randomly to a "Lucky Fish" at the end of the tournament. 

***To sponsor, please contact tournament director.

Payouts will be made using PayPal; within six (6) days of the tournament completion.  

Please e-mail Tournament Director with any questions!